Before buying the "Contestant Ticket" please, read carefully all statements of the following Participation Terms & Conditions/Eligibility Policy:

I accept that have read the PARTICIPATION TERMS&CONDITIONS/ELIGIBILITY POLICY and confirm that I don`t have any discrepancies concerned to any of its statements. By hitting the bellow button "I accept", I`m willing to buy the "Contestant Ticket"




1. To participate at any of the qualifying Stages of the Show as a contestant is required to have a special “Contestant Ticket”. Each Contestant Ticket provides the right to participate at one of the Qualifying Stages and may not be used more than one time. Each Stage has its special specific Contestant Ticket.


2. Each contestant may participate/give it a try at any of the next Qualifying Stages during the Show period, except those contestants, who have already become finalists.


3. Participants` allowed age: 21+


4. Only songs, performed in Russian, Ukrainian or Belorussian language, are allowed for participants within the Show.


5. The Organizer of the RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017 may announce/add and conduct more stages at its own discretion; 


6. The Organizer may change dates and timeframes of any of the Qualifying Stages and Grand Finale. In this case, Organizer will inform all contestants about changes through the contact information, mentioned on the Contestant Ticket


7. Each contestant may use only one contestant ticket per each Stage.


8. To be eligible to participate in the Show, all contestants must present valid ID along with the contestant Ticket.


9. Contestant, by participating in the Show automatically guarantees its
participation at the Grand Finale in case, if the contestant becomes a finalist.


10. The Organizer reserves the right to make video, photo, and audio
shootings/recordings at each event or action that related to the show RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017. By participating in the show, a contestant grants the right to be video, photo, audio taped/recorded by the Organizer. The Contestant fully agrees that the Organizer may use all the taped/made materials, or any their pieces/shots/parts in all the Organizer`s projects; also the Organizer may place these materials without Contestant`s permission on Mass Media, Social Media or other sources on behalf of its(Organizer`s) name or third parties, with a previous negotiation/agreement with the Organizer.


11.Violation of any statement of the “PARTICIPATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS/ELIGIBILITY POLICY” may cause an automatic disqualification of a Contestant without any refunds.


12. People who have been previously seen in a malevolent and aggressive attitude toward the Organizer of the Show, members of a company ASEM Inc, RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE PRODUCTION INC; or have been involved in other conflicts or incidences at other places, will be denied access/not allowed to get in, participate, stay/be presented at any event of the Russian Grand Voice Miami 2017, and also may be escorted from the venue by the restaurant security or police, without any refunds.


13. Organizer is allowed to deny access or disqualify any participant/contestant who behaves aggressively, is in an inebriated condition, uses obscene words, is absent when/while requested song is playing, insults the Host or DJ, staff or other participants or guests: breaks any other rules or the policies of the Show or venue.


14. Contestant Ticket holders that have any discrepancies or contradictions concerned to any statement of the PARTICIPATION TERMS & CONDITIONS/ELIGIBILITY, will not be allowed to participate in the Show without ticket refunds.



By any questions, please contact:  +1 786-451-1913,

or e-mail: info@russiangrandvoice.comn