RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017 is a karaoke song contest-show where participants perform songs in Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian languages, competing for the main prize of $5000 and the title - "Winner of the RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017”.


The Show consists of 5 events: 4 qualifying Stages and final conclusive event - Grand Finale;


At each Stage, 3 contestants that have received the biggest number of the audience votes in the form of special “Vote Tickets”, become finalists and get the right to participate at the Grand Finale.

The contestant, which has received the highest number of the audience votes summarized with points from jury members at the Grand Finale, becomes a Winner of the Show.


All stages of RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017 will take places within the period starting from October until November 2017 by the following dates: 

Stage #1 Opening– Nov.10/ Miami; Stage #2  - Nov.17/Orlando; Stage #3  - Nov.26/Miami; Stage #4 – Dec.01./Miami; The Grand Finale – Dec.07/Miami.

The show Venues will be announced by Organizer during October 2017.


Guest Tickets sales start: October, 15 – 2017

Guest Tickets rates: from $25.00


COME, SING and WIN $5000

Registration is open NOW -

Contestant Tickets are available!

Contestant Ticket Fee – till  10/31/17 - $100

Contestant Ticket Fee – from 10/15/17 - $150

Contestant Ticket Fee – “at the door” - $200