*To participate in the Show as a contestant is required to have a special “Contestant Certificate”

*Paticipants` allowed age - 21+

* Only songs performed in Russian, Ukrainian or Belorussian languages are allowed for participants within the Show

*Time period of the RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017:  October – December 2017

*Locations  – South and Central Florida

*The Show consists of 4 qualifying Stages and final conclusive Grand Finale: Stage #1 – Miami, Stage #2  - Orlando, Stage #3  - Miami, Stage #4 – Miami, The Grand Finale - Miami

*Organizers of the RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017 may announce and conduct more stages at their own discretion

*Finalists of the 1st season of Russian Grand Voice Miami 2016 may not participate in the 2nd season of the Show as contestants

*Each contestant may use only one contestant ticket per each Stage

*To be eligible to participate in the Show, all contestants must present valid ID along with the contestant Certificate

*Violation of any statements of the “Participation Terms and Conditions” may cause an automatic disqualification of a contestant without any refunds.

*Face Control:

 - People who have been previously seen in a malevolent and aggressive attitude toward the Organizers of the Show, members of a company ASEM Inc; or have been involved in other conflicts or incidences at other places, will be denied access/not allowed to get in, participate, stay/be presented at any events of Russian Grand Voice Miami 2017 and may be escorted from the venue by restaurant security or police, without any refunds

 - Organizers are allowed to deny acces or discqualificate any participant/contestant who behaves aggressively, is in an inebriated condition, uses obscene words, is absentwhen/while requested song is playing, insults the Host or DJ, staff or other participant or guests: breaks any other rules of the Show or venue


  • *Exact dates, venues and time frames of all the Stages including the Grand Finale will be announced within the period till October 1st, 2017  


    RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017 is a karaoke song contest-show where participants perform songs in Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian languages, competing for the main prize of $5000 and title - “The Winner of RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017”.

    The Show consists of several qualifying rounds, called “Stages” and the final conclusive gala event, “Grand Finale”. At each Stage, 3 contestants that have received the biggest number of the audience votes, become finalists and get the right to participate at the Grand Finale.

    The contestant, which has received the highest amount of audience votes summarized with points from jury members at the Grand Finale, becomes a Winner of the Show.

  • No Refunds