*The timing of RUSSIAN GRAND VOICE MIAMI 2017:  October – December 2017

*Locations  – South and Central Florida

*The Show will consist of 4 qualifying Stages and final conclusive Grand Finale: Stage #1 – Miami, Stage #2  - Orlando, Stage #3  - Miami, Stage #4 – Miami, The Grand Finale - Miami

*Exact dates, venues and time frames of all the Stages including the Grand Finale will be announced within the period till October 1st, 2017  

*Paticipants` allowed age: 21+

*Only songs in Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian languages are allowed

*Participants of the 1st season of Russian Grand Voice Miami may not participate in 2nd season the Show as contestants

*Each contestant may use only one contestant ticket per each Stage.

*To be eligible to participate in the show, all contestants must present valid ID along with the contestant ticket

*The name on the contestant ticket must match to the name on participant`s ID

*Contestant Ticket is non refundable

*Violation of any statements of the “Participation Terms and Conditions” may cause an automatic disqualification of a contestant without any refunds.

*To be eligible to participate in the Show, participant must provide the nominal Contestant Ticket and ID


*Face Control

People who have been previously seen in a malevolent and aggressive attitude toward the Organizers of the Show, members if the company ASEM Inc; or have been involved in other conflicts or incidences at other places, will be denied access/not allowed to get in, stay/be presented at the party and may be escorted from the venue by restaurant security or police, without any refunds.


  • Это информация о товаре. Расскажите подробно, что он из себя представляет, и перечислите всю необходимую информацию: размеры, материалы, инструкции по уходу и т. д. Это также хорошая возможность сообщить, в чем особенность вашей продукции и какую выгоду покупатели получат в итоге.